XZ3600 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

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XZ3600 horizontal directional drilling rig has a maximum reaming diameter of 1600mm, a maximum push-pull force of 3600kN, a torque of 120,000N·m, and a bare machine weight of 48t.

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XZ3600 HDD is integrated with self-loaded design and can be optionally equipped with independent operating room. It adopts advanced energy-saving control and proprietary technologies such as closed energy-saving loop, electric-hydraulic proportional control and load-sensitive control. The main performance parameters and control technologies have reached the international advanced level. The main components of hydraulic system, transmission system, reducer and electrical control system are all of international first-class brands with reliable quality.

Features Introduction of XZ3600 HDD

1.The digital instrument automatically displays main construction parameters such as actual torque and push-pull force during construction, and the operation is simple. The electronic sensing technology is sensitive, which can timely show instantaneous overload, reliably protecting the machine.

2.The sliding of the drilling frame relies on the push-pull by cylinder. Combined with the structure of front rocker arm, the adjustment of penetrating angle is simple, convenient and safe. The rear limit of the drilling frame adopts triple collision-free limit which ensures safety.

3.Dual-power system is adopted, in which either engine can complete all the work; combined with the proprietary speed regulation technology under multiple working conditions and multi-gear control technology of rotation and push-pull, the machine has a wide application range. In the case of small pore diameter construction, it can work with only one engine, which lowers the fuel consumption and construction cost.

4.Floating vise with large screw off torque is adopted during construction process, which is convenient for casing construction. Patented rotatable vise jaw seat realizes the automatic centering of drill pipe and makes the clamping reliable.

5.The machine adopts overload protection technology. The rotation torque, push-pull force and vise clamping force are all adjustable and digital pressure regulation technology is adopted. The adjustment is convenient and simple, and can be accurately preset.

6.Closed hydraulic system is adopted for rotation and advanced control technologies such as load-sensitive control are adopted for push-pull. Key components of hydraulic,electrical and transmission system are all world-famous products of reliable quality.

Main technical parameters





Dongfeng Cummins

China III



Rated Power

528/ 2100 kW/r/min



Pinion and rack drive

Max thrust-pull force(kN)


Max thrust-pull speed(m/min)




Four motor drive



Max spindle speed(r/min)



Diameter × Length(mm×mm)


Mud pump

Max Flow rate(L/min)

External connection

Max pressure(MPa)


Max inclination angle



Max backreamer diameter



Total   Weight






Main part configuration




Engine Cummins
Rotary pump Sauer
Push-pull pump Sauer
Rotary motor Rexroth
Rotary reducer Brevini/Bonfiglioli
Push-pull motor Rexroth
Push-pull reducer Brevini/Bonfiglioli
Controller Rexroth
Main valve Sauer
Handles Sauer
Walking reducer Rexroth
Hydraulic cylinders XCMG
On-board crane XCMG
Hose coupler XCMG

Attached Technical Documents

Packing list is supplied with XZ3600 HDD, which includes theses technical documents:

Product Certificate / Product Operation Instruction / Engine Operation Instruction

Air-conditioner General Operation Instruction of Construction Vehicle (Standard cab)

Operation and Maintenance Manual of On-board Crane

Operation and Maintenance Manual of Mud Pump (If mud pump is chosen)

Packing List (including List of Wearing Parts and Spare Parts & List of Attached Tools)

With the continuous advancement of technology, we cannot effectively notify you of product changes. The parameters and structural characteristics listed above are subject to the actual product, please understand!

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